“Infiltrated By Nazis…” – The Rise Of The New Normal ‘Gleichschaltung’

“Infiltrated By Nazis…” – The Rise Of The New Normal ‘Gleichschaltung’

Tyler Durden

Wed, 09/02/2020 – 23:25

Authored (mostly satirically) by CJ Hopkins via ConsentFactory.org,

On March 21, 1933, the Nazi-controlled Reichstag passed a law making it a crime to speak out against the government. The “Regulations of the Reich President for Defense from Treacherous Attacks against the Government of the National Uprising” made even the slightest expression of dissent from Nazi ideology a criminal offense.

This new law, among other totalitarian measures, was part of a process known as Gleichschaltung… the process of achieving rigid and total ideological coordination and uniformity in politics, culture, and private communication by forcibly repressing (or eliminating) independence and freedom of thought and expression.